Group Members

Sonny Seabolt (????-????)

Earle Wheeler (????-????)

Frank Grindle (????-????)

Bobby Barnes (????-????)

Roy Abee (????-????)

Position Unknown
Mark Wheeler (????-????)
Keith Chambers (????-????)
Darren Chambers (????-????)

Marksmen (1967-present)

For more details on previous groups that used the Marksmen name, see Foggy River Boys.


197? Coming On Strong (Mission Records/MR-MQ-197): He's A Personal Saviour; Without Him; Gettin' Ready To Go; Build My Mansion; There's A Little Pine Log Cabin; I Know; Hide Thou Me; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; I Shall Not Be Moved; Jesus Took Care Of It All (Walt Brewer, Hubert Brewer, Doug Brewer, Hershel Wooten, Kent Burchette, Ricky Whitley).

1993 He Is I Am (Mountain Home Records/0102): He Is I Am; Working On My Second Million; Bones, Bones, Bones; Mercy And Grace; Get Up John; A Picture From Life’s Other Side; So High, So Low; If I Could Win Only One; Hide Me Rock Of Ages. (Earle Wheeler, Mark Wheeler, Keith Chambers, Darren Chambers).

???? Singing In Gloryland (Mark Five Records/4121): That's Enough; Poor As A Beggar; Singing In Gloryland; See Jesus; Lord Teach Me How To Pray; I Can't Stand Alone; When It All Starts Happening; Prisoner Love; Pity The Man; I Thank Thee Lord; I'm Building A Bridge; Uncloudy Day (Roy Abee, Bobby Barnes, Frank Grindle, Sonny Seabolt, Earle Wheeler).

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