Group Members

Dean Hickman (1988-Present)

Harold Patrick (1988 Ė 2001)
Homer Fry (2001 Ė 2012)
John Darin Rowsey (2012-Present)

Neil Uhrig (1988-2020)
Scott Mullins (2020-present)

Pat Barker (2018-Present)

Elba Heilman (????=????)


The Guardians (1988-present)

The Guardians formed in Ohio in 1988 as a "weekender" group. Original members of The Guardians trio included Dean Hickman and Neil Uhrig. In 2012, they were joined by singer/songwriter John Darin Rowsey who had produced several of their recordings. The group began sending their singles to radio stations nationwide in 2013.

In early 2017, the group's first major label recording, Lift Him Up, was released on the StowTown Records label. In early 2018, The Guardians announced they would be transitioning to a quartet format with the addition of bass singer Pat Barker, a former member of the Mark Trammell Quartet. In 2020, founding baritone Neil Uhrig announced his retirement from the road and the addition of Scott Mullins, formerly of the Gospel Harmony Boys, Freedom Quartet, and The Anchormen.


2012 Healing (Custom Records): I Choose To Believe; Greatest Of All Miracles; That Day Is Almost Here; The Lighthouse; Morning Glory; Singing With The Saints; When Faith Steps In; Iím Not Worried About Forever; Let The Healing Begin; We Will Stand Our Ground; We Shall Overcome; Typical Day; Iím Nearer Home.

2013 Reminisce (Custom Records): If You Knew Him; One Of These Mornings; What You Took From Me; I Know It Was The Blood; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary; Every Day; When I Stand In The Presence; Freedom Band; Daystar; Voice Of Falling Tears.

2014 Let My Heart Sing (Custom Records): My Hope Is In The Lord; Be Still And Know; It Ainít Gonna Worry Me Long; Youíll Never Walk Alone; Shoutiní Sounds; Somebody Prays; Get Out Of The Way?; Let My Heart Sing?; Going To The Promised Land?; What About Now (Dean Hickman, John Darin Rowsey, Neil Uhrig).

2015 Silver Anniversary (Custom Records): The Lordís Prayer; Heíll Welcome Me; He Still Speaks; People Of The Lord; Iíve Never Had To Trust You; Sweeter As The Days Go By; Heartbeat; Good Things; Arise My Love; Mercy Came Down; My Temporary Home; God Bless The USA; I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen; Please Forgive Me; Time Has Made A Change In Me.

2015 Live From Ohio Christian University (Custom Records): Introduction Ė Dr. Mark Smith; The Lordís Prayer; It Ainít Gonna Worry Me Long; Greatest Of All Miracles; Somebody Prays; Shoutiní Sounds; ; Prayer Ė Dr. Mark Smith; Youíll Never Walk Alone; Going To The Promised Land?; What A Day That Will Be Ė Jim Hill; Be Still And Know; How Big is God Ė Pat Barker; Heíll Welcome Me?; Arise.

2017 Lift Him Up (StowTown Records): Alleluia; Packiní Up; Another Life To Give; His Truth Is Marching On; What A Day That Will Be; Leaning; Keeper Of The Lost And Found; There Is A Love; Hold On To The Power Of The Cross; Woke Up This Morning; Theme from ďA Summer PlaceĒ; Present In The Presence Of The King; Please Donít Wait Forever.

2018 Ready For Revival (StowTown Records/3214): Ready For Revival; Uncommon Praise?; God Fights On My Side?; He Loves?; Just Getting Started?; When America Falls?; Turn Around; Name Above All Names; How Big Is God Medley; What The Church Is Doing Right?; He's Blessing Me?; You Can Depend On Jesus (Dean Hickman, John Darin Rowsey, Neil Uhrig, Pat Barker).

2019 Songs Of A Lifetime (Custom Records): He Is To Me; Iíve Got a Feeling; What a Beautiful Name; Time After Time; Just When You Thought; Higher Ground; Until Then; The Truth Is; Roll Away Troubled River; Godís Been Good; Who Am I; Somebody Prays (Dean Hickman, John Darin Rowsey, Neil Uhrig, Pat Barker).

2019 Almost Heaven Live (Custom Records): Packin' Up; I'm Just Getting Started?; Uncommon Praise?; Another Place?; He Loves?; What A Day That Will Be; Woke Up This Morning; The Lord's Prayer; How Big Is God Medley; Name Above All Names; Arise My Love; Singing With The Saints; Present In The Presence Of The King?; God Fights On My Side?; What The Church Is Doing Right?; You Can Depend On Jesus; God Bless The USA (Dean Hickman, John Darin Rowsey, Neil Uhrig, Pat Barker).

2020 It's Still Good News (StowTown Records/STR3266): Holy Is Thy Name (with Lift Up Holy Hands); I Wish I Could Tell You; Just To Know; You're Home To Stay (Where We Ever Shall Be); It's Still Good News; Someone To Care; Breathe In, Breathe Out; One Pair Of Hands; Make My Heart Your Dwelling Place; God Is Listening; That's What Makes Grace Amazing; From Now On (Dean Hickman, John Darin Rowsey, Scott Mullins, Pat Barker).

2022 Come On In (Daywind Records/): Come On In; Not For Long?; What You Can't Remember?; He'll Move Heaven And Earth?; Cast My Care?; I Need You; Heaven Is Happening?; Rest In Him; He Grew The Tree; Surely He Did? (Dean Hickman, John Darin Rowsey, Scott Mullins, Pat Barker).

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