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Group Members

Wayne Shuford (1963-1967)(also sang baritone)
Jack Henderson (1967-????)
C J Burns (????-????)
Farrell Hinson (1968-1978; 1987-????)
Gerald Arrowood (????-????)
Laddie Cain (1970)
Robert Belk (????-2013)
Mike Manning (2013)
Ivory Luke (2013-2018)
Michael Maggard (2018-present)

Miles Cooper (1963-????)
Chip Cooper (198?-????)
Duane Rizzo (2008-2016)
Steven Craps (2017-present)

Charles Burke (1963-????)
Ned Wilder (????-????)
Gene Frady (????-????)
C J Burns (????-????)
Garland Green (????-????)
Jerry Jennings (????-????)
Jerome Bush (2005-2013)
Wayne Shuford (2013-2018)(2019-present)
Chip McCaa (2018-2018)
Rob Shelton (2019)

Jim Stewart (1963-196?; 1967-2012)
Ray Dean Reese (196?-196?)
Joel Duncan (196?-1967)
Reece McKinney (1967)
F E Miskelly (1987-????)
Larry Stewart (2010-Present)

Darius Shuford (1963-1964)
Charles Abee (1964-????)
Everett Greene (196?-196?)
Glen Camp (1967-????)
Eldridge Fox (????-????)
Al Holmes (1968-????)
Lewis Williams (????-????)
Rex Smith (????-????)
David Bruce Murray (2013-2016)(at select dates)

Other Musicians
Lenord Hollifield (guitar) (1967-????)
George Colley (bass guitar) (????-????)

Pine Ridge Boys (1963-Present)


The Pine Ridge Boys were formed in 1963 with Jim Stewart singing bass, Darius Shuford on the piano, his brother Wayne Shuford at tenor, Miles Cooper singing lead, and Charles Burke at baritone. Cooper and Stewart had sung together previously in the Melody Masters. Another former Melody Masters member, baritone Ned Wilder, was eventually reunited with Cooper and Stewart in the Pine Ridge Boys. Darius Shuford passed away in December of 1964. Charles Abee took his place at the piano.

The quartet recorded No, Iíll Never Be Lonely, itís first LP record in 1965.

The Pine Ridge Boys had several bass singers in the early years including future Kingsmen Ray Dean Reese and future Trav'lers and Palmetto State bass singer Joel Duncan. When Duncan and Wayne Shuford left in 1967, group manager Miles Cooper recruited two former Kingsmen to replace them: bass singer Reese McKinney, and tenor Jack Henderson. McKinney recorded one album (That Is Why I've Got To Sing) with the group, but was killed in an accident before it was released.

"Big Jim" Stewart eventually returned to stay as the Pine Ridge Boy's bass singer. By the end of the 1960s, Farrell Hinson had joined to sing tenor. Hinson and Stewart anchored the Pine Ridge Boys during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Some of the other individuals who performed with the group over the years include Miles Cooper's son and future Florida Boys member Chip Cooper, Garland Green, Rex Smith and Robert Belk.

Jim Stewart retired from managing and singing in 2012. At that time, he turned the group over to his son, Larry Stewart, a former bass singer for the Anchormen and Singing Americans. Original Pine Ridge Boys tenor, Wayne Shuford, returned to sing baritone in 2013 and remained with the group until 2018.



1965 No, I'll Never Be Lonely (Demco Records/1459, 14460): No I'll Never Be Lonely; Touch The Hand Of The Lord; Old Fashion Meeting; Silver Hair; Rainbow Of Love; Near The Cross; Sweet Jesus; I Am A Pilgrim; How About You; Heaven; Angels Must Have Cried; Farther Along. (Wayne Shuford, Miles Cooper, Charles Burke, Jim Stewart, Charles Abee) (This album was re-issued with a different cover).

1966 Sing Your Request (Rimrock Records/RLP-3012): Going Home; Peace In The Valley; Power In The Blood; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; I'm Free Again; Heaven's Jubilee; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone; He Set Me Free; From Now On; In The Sweet By And By; Until Then (Wayne Shuford, Miles Cooper, Charles Burke, Jim Stewart, Charles Abee) (Carl Story played guitar on these sessions.)

1966 Lonesome Road (Mastertone Records/MST-1401): Lonesome Road; I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now; I Asked The Lord; Pass Me Not; How Great Thou Art; Is Your Name Written There; I've Got Jesus In Me; Keep Walking; My Heavenly Home; By And By; Amazing Grace (Wayne Shuford, Miles Cooper, Charles Burke, Ray Reese, Charles Abee).

1967 Call On Jesus (Songs Of Faith Records/144): Come See A Man; Above The Storm; Jesus Is Mine; Call On Jesus; Itís Him; Ashamed; Dig A Little Deeper; A Narrow Road; When He Rescued Me; The Love Of God; Who Am I; Here And There (Jim Stewart is pictured on the cover, but this LP actually features the bass vocals of Joel Duncan.) (Wayne Shuford, Miles Cooper, Charles Burke, Joel Duncan, Charles Abee).

1968 That Is Why I've Got To Sing (Golden Shield Records/103): A Million Years From Now; In The Shelter Of His Arms; There Is Power In The Blood; Led Out Of Bondage; Do You Know My Jesus; That's Why I've Got To Sing; In His Care; Hide Thou Me; How Great Thou Art; His Grace Is Sufficient; More About Jesus; There Is A Change. (Jack Henderson, Miles Cooper, Charles Burke, Reece McKinney, Glen Camp, Lenord Hollifield).

???? Sing Gospel From The Heart (Golden Shield Records/117): When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart; Almost Home; Going Home; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; I'll Meet You In The Morning; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Stand By Me; Take My Hand Precious Lord; It Is No Secret; Higher Ground; Touch The Hand Of The Lord; Sho Do Need Him Now. (Farrell Hinson, Miles Cooper, Gene Frady, Jim Stewart, Al Holmes).

???? Daddy Sang Bass (Soul Stirring Records/100): Daddy Sang Bass; He Looked Beyond My Fault; Day Of Rejoicing; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; Dry Bones; I'm Ashamed; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; I'm Going Home; After All; He Touched Me; God Made A Way (Farrell Hinson, Miles Cooper, Ned Wilder, Jim Stewart, Al Holmes).

???? Daddy Was An Ole Time Preacher Man (Soul Stirring Records/101): Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man; It Won't Be Long; We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials; What A Wonderful Savior; Until You've Known The Love Of God; Sheltered In The Arms Of God; Oh Happy Day; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Lord I Need You Again Today; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary; No Never Alone; Higher Ground (piano solo). (Gerald Arrowood, Miles Cooper, Ned Wilder, Jim Stewart, Charles Abee).

???? The New Sound Of The Pine Ridge Boys (Soul Stirring Records/103): The Eastern Gate; The Night Before Easter; I've Been Born Again; Family Bible; Now I Have Everything; I Know; Nearer My God To Thee; The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power; At The Crossing; I'll Meet You In The Morning.

???? Sing Gospel Favorites (Golden Shield Records/104): New Jerusalem; Iíll Never Be Lonely; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Iím On My Way; Dry Bones; Precious Memories; Iíll Live In Glory; The Love Of God; Mean Old World; In The Sweet Bye And Bye; Living By Faith; Heavenís Jubilee.

???? Singing At Church (Golden Shield Records/125): Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Glory To His Name; The Unclouded Day; Standing Outside; Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone; Amazing Grace; Victory In Jesus; Lord, I'm Coming Home; When We All Get To Heaven; Where Could I Go; Nothing But The Blood; Hand In Hand With Jesus. (Jim Stewart, Al Holmes, Farrell Henson, Ned Wilder, Miles Cooper).

???? Jesus Is Coming Soon (Golden Shield Records/133): Jesus Is Coming Soon; A Beautiful Home; Getting Ready To Leave This World; Until You've Known; What A Day That Will Be; Keep Walking; Remind Me Dear Lord; Standing By The River; I Must Tell Jesus; Glad Reunion Day; Rainbow Of Love; Lonesome Road. (Jim Stewart, Al Holmes, Farrell Henson, Ned Wilder, Miles Cooper).

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